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chicago, IL, us
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I was a suburban cop for 30 years, recently retired. I was CSI before CSI was cool, to paraphrase the old country song. I was a pistolero in the 80's, won some trophies. Was a firearms instructor for my department, and a SWAT team leader. Took the 90's off of shooting to raise a family. I started rifle shooting in the late 90's, and found a nice rifle league outside of chicago. I am now shooting and collecting rifles like Mausers, SKS, and M1 Garands. I have learned a lot from this forum and appreciate all you collectors out there. My wife thinks I'm crazy but your wives probably think you're crazy too. God Bless! Mike P.S. That is one of my best friends in the pic, not me... I used to post under chitownguy, but there was a mixup at headquarters...

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